Warrant of Fitness Inspections

A Warrant of Fitness (WoF) inspection is much more than a sticker to ensure you don't get costly Traffic Infringement notices. Its a regular safety check, to ensure that your vehicle meets New Zealand Land Transport requirements and to ensure it is safe to be on the road.

We have a qualified Vehicle Inspector expert on site. Appointments necessary.

WOF repairs and Servicing

We have a qualified mechanic onsite, who provides a wide range of specialist maintenance and repairs for all vehicles, regardless of whether the fault is large or small.

We have a range of service options you can choose from:

Phone one of our friendly team or refer to the Bridgestone website for more details.

Steering and Suspension Specialists

Make sure your suspension is in good working order, or improve its functionality. Have a technician from 15th Ave Tyre and Suspension Centre provide you with one of the following:

Puncture Repairs

There's nothing worse than getting a punctured tyre when you're on the road. 15th Ave Tyres & Suspension can give you back peace of mind, knowing that you can have repairs done quickly and inexpensively. We will have you back on the road in no time!


Nitrogen leaks slower than standard compressed air and is a good way to maintain optimal tyre pressure for longer. The other benefits are safer more secure all-weather performance, improved road grip and handling, better fuel economy, all resulting in a longer tyre life.

Wheel balancing

Are you worried about the vibrations you're feeling while you drive? Usually, this means it's time for a wheel balancing service. This service is easy and affordable, and is likely to improve the fuel efficiency of your car, as the steering and suspension is improved.

Mag Wheels

Our range of mag wheels not only look great but they also increase the overall performance of your vehicle. We offer a number of brands and products, so you're sure to be spoilt for choice! Our range includes:

Wheel Alignment

Having your wheels out of alignment can mean your car has poorer fuel efficiency, irregular tyre wear and can cause driver fatigue. It's also very important from a safety perspective to have your wheels aligned. So bring your vehicle into our workshop and speak with one of our experienced technicians and give yourself some peace of mind.

Century Batteries

Flat batteries can really bring you down. We all know the feeling; you've got plans to go somewhere until you realise your battery's gone dead. That's when you come see the experts at 15th Ave Tyre and Suspension Centre and grab a new one at an affordable price. We have a great range so there'll be one that fits your budget!

Road Hazard Warranty

Guaranteed protection for the life of your tyres. Not all punctures are repairable. In fact, simply running over a screw in your driveway could damage your tyre beyond repair. Then you can be forced to pay for another tyre! So protect your investment with our Road Hazard Warranty.

Phone one of friendly team (07) 577 0060 or refer to the Bridgestone website for more details.